We’re trying our absolute best to act with everyones best interest. 

With the ever changing requirements and information about the virus it is hard to know what is the perfect routine to follow. 

We do believe however we follow a very good routine that helps protect our staff and customers.

The staff member that visits your vehicle will always be wearing a mask and gloves. They will disinfect any components they need to touch upon entering and exiting the vehicle. They will also fit a seat cover to the vehicle which will be removed upon completetion of the job.

We do believe our staff are competant enough to make the decision, that if they feel it isn’t safe to complete the job, they will stop. In this case we will offer an alternate date to complete the work.

Please notify us if you feel you have any symptoms, are in lockdown, or have previously been diagnosed. This way we can make sure all the correct regulations are followed and everyone is safe – failure to do so will result in losing your booking.

Also please notify us if you’re shielding or have any other special requirements.